Midnight sun family meeting

We watch as the sun flirts with the horizon, it gives a gentle touch and begins its return to the skies. It is 2 am and we are still checking the flying conditions.

Just 4 days earlier, I arrive in Bodø, a small town in northern Norway, where Dusty, my brother from the wild and Kjell, a local pilot with a passion for free flight and technical tinkering, wait for me at the airport. Kjell, our host, has had a long affair with Brazil where he has found many kilometers of flying and, his better half Veronica.

Once at home, he shows me his house and his, biggest pride: his workshop, a pristine room with three different sewing machines, home made tools, glider fabrics of every kind and enough lines to repair all the wings in town for life. Everything is customized. He passes me a fat sleeping bag, points to one corner and leaves the space with a “sleep well”.


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Our next destination just a boat ride away

It’s another day in Panajachel, Christian is running late to fly his tandem, Leo is watching a soccer game, The baba bros are trying a new recipe to brew Kombucha, Tomy is stealing the internet in Santander street, Beca is eating a choco-banana, I am getting over caffeinated at Café Loco and Cade is making the last arrangement for our next mission. Continue reading

Moody Tofino

intro_moodyIt was a bright night and I couldn’t stop thinking about how clear and crispy was going to be the next day. As I had planned I woke up  before sunrise and got a ride to Long beach with Jodi and Torge that were on their way back to Germany. It was still pretty dark when I got to the ocean. I sat down close to the shore and waited for the first light. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I was surrounded by a thick cloud of fog. I wasn’t expecting to run into this moody atmosphere but well I played some warm tunes and started to walk through the nothingness. Continue reading

The Power of Art

Little Blue Deep by Dana Scarola

Little Blue Deep by Dana Scarola

It was a hot day in the North Shore and, as usual, we were driving without a final destination in mind. While looking for a shady place to chill we ran into “The Haleiwa Art Festival” so we decided to check it out. Most of the creations looked familiar to me but there was one stand in particular that called my attention. These paintings were different, they reminded me the old school of surfing. Continue reading


Another Glory

I woke up around 5 am, had some breakfast and headed to the North Shore. On my way there I picked up my friend Merve. For some reason we started to talk about the amount of calories that we burn on a surfing session, so after 3 hours in the water we ran to Killer Tacos to get two fish burritos with extra guacamole and sour cream.We were not sure about how many calories were burned  but  it seemed like these burritos were going to bring the lost calories back. Beside our table there was a 3D map of Oahu hanging on the wall. Continue reading

Always On…

This commercial was created for Hawaiian Telcom by my friends from 1001 stories.

I collaborated with the aerial footage for this ad. We mounted a Canon 5D MII on the canopy mount and shoe mount. These guys know the perfect recipe to show da island lifestyle in just 30 seconds, check more of their work @


Christian and the Misty Mountain

Christian and The Misty Mountain

In April 2006, my buddy Tomy and I traveled to Guatemala to meet with The Lake Atitlan, fly some tandems and  teach a Paragliding Maneuvers Clinic, better known in french as SIV. At the Guatemala City Airport, Christian was waiting for us with his small SUV and  a big smile from ear to ear. My first thought after meeting our host was that he was using some kind of stimulant to keep his energy to da max, but during our trip I’d notice that his energy was a natural gift. Continue reading

Stuck in the Land of the Rising Sun…

Ooopppsss How to make it back to the other side? Photo:

Ooopppsss How to make it back to the other side? Photo:

This is the first story of my blog, where chronological order doesn’t exist . This tale take us back to October 2003, precisely 6 years ago. After traveling for 5 months around the globe, it had arrived the time to fly back to America (American Continent!). After one stop of 4 days in Bangkok City, Thailand, we flew to Japan where my nightmare would start.

When I’m traveling I normally forget about many things including that in order to be in transit for 2 hours in certain countries as a Venezuelan citizen I need a visa. As soon as we land in Japan the airline girl at the counter would give me the sweet news that I couldn’t keep traveling, due to the lack of 2 visas in my passport. Continue reading